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It’s election day, and we are close to finding out who our next president is. A lot of daily newspapers have endorsed President Barack Obama for a second term. The problem is 35 daily newspapers that have endorsed Mitt Romney. Specifically, that’s 35 newspapers switching after having endorsed Obama back in 2008. The news hasn’t been great for Obama in the college newsrooms, either. To be fair, there aren’t a lot of college newspapers that have switched from Obama to Romney. It seems that college newspapers have just decided to skip the entire endorsing biz. The right-wing bean counters at the Daily Caller site have put together a pretty long list of college papers that have lost enthusiasm for the incumbent. In fact, it’s a deflating look back at 88 college papers that once enthusiastically backed Obama.

The list of abstaining college papers–meaning those on record as endorsing no candidate–includes the Minnesota Daily at the¬†University of Minnesota, along with Miami University’s The Miami Student. The University of Connecticut’s The Daily Campus is the only college paper to fully switch from Obama to Romney, while The Davidsonian at North Carolina’s Davidson College decided to endorse both candidates. Nine other papers that once endorsed Obama haven’t taken a stance. We’re still waiting to find out what that all means, but it looks like Obama won’t be going into a (potential) second term with admiring student journalists behind him. Oh, well. At least the Daily Caller got it wrong about the Badger Herald in Wisconsin. They’re still solidly pro-Obama. That’s some good news on what’s now an election night.

Did you vote this election day?

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