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This post was originally published on Redesign Revolution and has been republished here with permission.

It’s that time of year again – every year, the months between June and August are filled with recent high school graduates traveling to their respective colleges for orientation. Orientation is really your first glimpse into your freshman year of college. At registration, you mingle with other incoming students (be warned: it’s kind of awkward), register for classes, get your student I.D., and attend about a million seminars. Okay, that last one is an exaggeration, but by the time you get home from orientation, you’ll feel as if you attend a million seminars because the days are long and jam packed!

Some people have already started buying the college essentials for that tiny space known as a dorm room. But, if you haven’t started yet, take a look at what we consider to be college dorm room essentials! Here you can find a mix of things that college students need, storage options, and what we deem essential for surviving the first year of freedom…er, college.

1. Coastal Storage Baskets  (Coastal Seasons)

Etsy Wednesday: The Perfect College Dorm Room

You might be the most organized person in the world and have your organizational skills down to a science, but we can guarantee that storage baskets are 100 percent necessary in a dorm room. Girls, you can match them to the color scheme of your dorm room. Guys, your safest best is possibly metal or a durable plastic to withstand sports equipment, electronics, and more.

2. Football Art Print (HopSkipJumpPaper)

Etsy Wednesday: The Perfect College Dorm Room

If you’re going to an ACC, SEC, Big 12, Big Ten, Pac-12 school, college football will become a part of your life whether you like it or not. For your sake, we hope that you embrace it to the fullest and participate in all of the excitement: spirit rallies, tailgates, college football Saturdays! An easy way to express your personality is through artwork or graphic design. Not only can it be personalized, it can be pretty cheap, too!

3. Backpacks (ful) or Canvas Tote Bag (Ottobags)

Etsy Wednesday: The Perfect College Dorm Room

Unfortunately, we can’t tell you that you won’t have books in college. In fact, we’re about to be the bearer of bad news – books are beyond expensive. Carry your bags in style for the year in a sturdy backpack or tote. If you’re near a river or lake, use these bags to store your food, drinks, towels, and more on the weekends!

4. Monogrammed Towel Wrap (InkDropsNStitches)

Etsy Wednesday: The Perfect College Dorm Room

For our male readers, you can probably ignore this one (although we do suggest taking towels to college…) Girls, this one’s for you. Instead of trying to make sure your towel doesn’t fall off as your walking to the showers (yes, unless you live in a suite-style dorm, you will have to walk down the hall to shower), having a towel wrap will make the walk a little less stressful. It’s also great for when you’re getting ready – frees up your hands if you need to do your hair and makeup, rather than holding a towel.

5. Photo Collage Letter (picketfencecrafts)

Etsy Wednesday: The Perfect College Dorm Room

Don’t leave home without pictures! Either get a hanging picture organizer (they are wonderful) or make a fun collage –  you’ll want memories with your family and friends to keep you company while you’re at school.

6. School Pride Signs (simplesouthernsigns)

Etsy Wednesday: The Perfect College Dorm Room

It won’t take you long to figure out that your college becomes a major part of your life – from being the place that you call home for a good nine months of the year to being the place where you met some of your closest. Be sure to have a little something to show your school pride.

7. Wristlet (maddiekayhandbags)

Etsy Wednesday: The Perfect College Dorm Room

A little wristlet is perfect for holding jewelry, makeup, desk supplies, and more. It’s also a great and easy-to-hold-onto item to go out with friends!

What are you taking with you to college?

Featured photo credit: Running Wolves via photopin cc