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Europe According to Emma is a weekly column written by Emma Dell a University of Denver student currently studying abroad in Berlin, Germany. Read other installments here.


Adulthood is hard. Everyone knows this. It’s a basic fact. It’s all money and planning and responsibility, and other things that you’re expected to be able to do and most likely never will. It even manages to ruin vacations, because you have to do things like “sight see” and “have a budget”. That’s why the best solution to turn trips back into vacations is to plan them like you’re a child. Just ask yourself: WWLMD? (What would Little Me do?)

Channel your inner child. That little troublemaker has the best ideas, such as:

Go to a playground

Got some free time during the day? Don’t waste that time looking at yet another church (sorry Europe, but you get boring) and instead explore the seemingly sub-par world of foreign playgrounds. Between the rusty metal and the minimal infrastructure, there’s no way you can’t have a great time.


Find a children’s museum

Trust me, nobody hates being around hordes of small children more than I do, yet children’s museums are one of the best ways to spend a day if you can find a good one.

Even if this is usually you:

schmidt youthe europe according to emma


Upon finding a good children’s museum I guarantee you’ll look a little more like this:


And if you’re ever in Poland, I’ve got your children’s museum all lined up for you: the Copernicus Center in Warsaw. That place is amazing and also has an amazing ability to suck away four hours of your day while you mindlessly run around doing science and playing with bubbles.


Visit a Zoo

Not every city abroad has a great zoo, but they’re always a fun little trip even if they look more like a petting zoo than an actual zoo (ahem, Reykjavik).


zoos europe according to emma


Zoos are like sightseeing, but it’s acceptable to talk to the things you’re looking at in a stupid voice and make animal noises out loud in public.


europe according to emma zoos


See? So much better than adult sightseeing. Kids have got it down.

Where will your inner child take you?

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Photos via Emma Dell

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