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Introducing the mobile gaming

People all around the world love gaming, and it’s becoming more and more addictive. Not only that you’re able to play so many different types of games on various consoles, but now you can even enjoy playing some of the most exciting games on your mobile phone! Cell phones have evolved enough to be able to provide a similar experience as one gets when he or she plays a game on a computer. The Android operating system is the one who is leading this mobile gaming community, and others follow.

Not only for gaming, now can you do pretty much everything using your phone. One of the things is to pay via your phone because you will be able to access all those websites which you couldn’t before. It’s pretty much the same as using a computer. Since you’re able to pay using your phone, that means you can gamble. There are numerous gambling websites and registration for most of them is free.

Why Europeans Particularly?

Statistically, Europeans are more addicted to mobile gaming, only because all games are firstly developed for Android phones. In Europe, the bigger part of the population uses Android phones, instead of Apple phone which is the case in The United States of America. All kinds of games are developed on a daily basis, and if enough people gets hooked, they then adjust those games for all operating systems.

Another reason is again; Android users do not have to pay for most of the apps. This means that everyone can play a game that has just been released. However, if you use Apple phone, you will have to pay for certain games, and this significantly lowers the number of active players. That is one more reason why there are more people addicted to mobile games in Europe than in The United States.

Mobile Gambling

The Same thing is happening with gambling when there are apps for games there are apps for gambling. The Internet is now a place where you can do everything. There are even games that include gambling such as The Festival of Lights is a new online slot machine game. Since there is an option to create an online wallet such as Google Wallet, you can link your bank account to it and then use it to pay for everything on the Web.
The game developers have also included a feature which enables players to purchase some goods with real money. This same feature is used in gambling games, and you can just buy chips with real money and then even win REAL MONEY!

In The End

This is how much mobile technology has advanced, and all we need to do is to learn how to adapt appropriately and protect ourselves. There is a lot of room for frauds on the Internet, and you need to be extremely careful, especially when it comes to online payment and in this case to be more precise mobile payment. You can easily end up without a single penny.