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Coming home to your pet or family pet is such a great feeling.  Knowing that they’re waiting for you to get home and are so excited to see you makes you love having a pet.  As much as we love a cute dog, cat, or goldfish, sometimes we like fantasize and imagine what it would be like if we had the option of having an exotic animal as a pet. Your favorite animal may not be fit to be house trained, but we still would love having these animals as pets.


If you live near a big enough body of water, having a dolphin could be the perfect swimming buddy. And hey, who knows, maybe if you get close enough to them, you’ll develop a connection to them like in “A Ring of Endless Light.”


exotic animals

They’re cuddly, they love to play around, and they’re good for picking stuff out of your hair. Why not have a little shoulder monkey to walk around with and get into mischief with?

Lion Cubs


A Simba of your own, but only as a cub. They get less cute when they start to outweigh you.


Forget a bike, forget a car, elephant rides to school are the way to go.


Giraffe in front of Kilimanjaro mountain

They could come in handy when it’s time to clean the roof or get things that were thrown over a neighbor’s fence.


Look how well Rajah was for Princess Jasmine in “Aladdin.”  So loyal, understanding, and a perfect pillow to lay on.


Piglets on grass

If you like to mud wrestle they’re a perfect partner for when they’re older  But as little piglets they can just be cute enough to watch run around oinking at things.


Sleeping giant panda baby

Possibly the cutest creatures that are sadly close to becoming extinct. They would be a lot of fun to watch as they climb tress and chew on bamboo.



You would have to live obviously somewhere cold, but snow days would be a lot more fun if you had someone to play around in the snow with.


Young Red Fox Looking up at the Camera

If you have a dog already, why not add in a fox to your pet family? It’ll be just like how it was in “The Fox and the Hound.” Possibly.

What exotic animal do you wish you could have as a pet?