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Being an art student makes you a very special person.  You didn’t sell out (yet) like the marketing kids, and you’re way more creative than the history buffs. You’re a special kind of beast.

There are, at times, some downsides. Take for instance, people never knowing if you’re homeless or just an art student. Offended? Don’t be. You have already had a better college experience during your freshman year than most have the entire time — it’s okay that you’re not in a suit. It’s also pretty terrible that your work doesn’t end once you hand in a paper. A masterpiece can take years to create.  That being said, there are also some really, really great things. Math class? Pfft. You don’t need math where you’re going. Plus, you also always have something intelligent and cool to say. And, after all, ll the ladies love an artsy guy and the fellas like the girl who doesn’t conform.

So, if you’re an art student, here’s to you: Take a look at this great video from BuzzFeed explaining 12 facts of your life that you know are so wonderfully, terribly true. Enjoy!

Are you an art student? Can you relate?