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New York City Mayor Bloomberg’s decision to ban the sale of sugary drinks larger than 16 ounces have been making the front page of the news a lot lately. The NYC Board of Health approved this controversial bill only last month. While this sort of bill won’t stop a lot of sugar addicts from buying multiple 16-ounce drinks to keep their sugar high going for the rest of the day, this political decision to intervene in people’s eating and drinking choices says something about the American lifestyle — and it isn’t good. Especially considering the college student access to unlimited fountain drinks at their dining halls, it’s more important than ever for you understand facts about soda. Who knows, it may even get you to quit the stuff for good and possibly prevent that creeping freshman 15. (But we all know that is wishful thinking.)

Check out this cool infographic on important facts about soda, courtesy of Everyday Health.

facts about soda

Any surprising facts about soda that stand out to you?

Featured photo credit: Mustafa Sayed via photopin cc

[via Healthy Way to Cook]