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Reading is one of the best escapes. No, I don’t mean reading your textbooks or study guides or that book you were assigned in your lit class. i mean reading for fun. Picking up a book that you are choosing to read on your own and relaxing. The best part about books is immersing yourself in a whole new world. The worst part is when the book or series ends and you are left imagining what happened to your beloved characters after the pages stop.

I think about this quite a bit, so I decided to imagine what those popular fictional characters would be like as college students. Would you hang out with them? Would they join any clubs? What would their majors be?

Well…stop imagining…

Katniss Everdeen

After growing up in a small Appalachian town and never straying too far, Katniss decided it was time to have a bit of adventure and picked a school far from home. She was nervous at first, but got a scholarship she just couldn’t say no too. She picks a school in an area that really fosters an outdoorsy lifestyle, probably in Oregon or Colorado. Due to her plans to return home after graduation, she picks a Natural Resources major out of practicality and because she honestly can’t see herself doing anything else.

She decides to move into a single room because she has always shared a room with her younger sister, and she really wants to focus on her studies. It surprises her when the people on her floor genuinely seem to like her and invite her to eat with them, and to hang out with them on the weekends. No one seems phased by all of the dining hall options but she has never seen anything like it. Katniss finds herself in a sticky situation when two boys on her floor start to show interest in her. She decides it is best if she just ignores their romantic advances and befriends both of them.

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Sophomore year Katniss applies to be a Resident Advisor and spends her last three years acting as a mentor to the younger students. Eventually she does find some time to go out once in a while, but she never gets the appeal of drinking. She graduates with honors.

Edward Cullen

For Edward, everything seems to come easy. He had no trouble getting into the schools that most people slave away their youth trying to get accepted to. He picks Cornell University in New York because of its Northern location and he wanted to be in a smaller town. He seems to have all the time in the world, and isn’t phased by the fact that he is in year 6 and has changed his major three times. In fact, he has so many credits he could graduate with two Bachelor’s degrees. But he isn’t a Bachelor. He married his high school sweetheart the second they finished High School and have not been apart since. She attends Ithaca College but they share a house together. They don’t seem to be bothered by the fact that most people view this as very strange behavior.

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Edward eventually graduates after 8 years in school with two degrees. One in Music and one in Literature and he looks exactly the same way he did they day he stepped onto campus his first year. As soon as they are both done school he and his wife seem to disappear completely. Rumor has it they moved to the Pacific Northwest and had a kid, but who really trusts the rumors? He was always so mysterious anyway.

What other fictional characters would you like imagined as college students?

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