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When we’re not focused on trying to write awesome content for our wonderful readers, we spend most of our time looking at cute animals on the Internet on Twitter looking for more awesome content to check out and share with our followers. At this point we like to think we’re Twitter aficionados, and we’ve developed a loving relationship with TweetDeck and the retweet button. So, we thought it was only fair to round up our favorite Twitter-ers (Twitter accounts? Tweeters? Hmm…) and pay tribute to them and their awesome, helpful, and hilarious tweets (that usually lead to awesome, helpful, and hilarious content on their blogs!) Check out our favorites!


We <3 myFootpath. We love them because the content on their site is fabulous (seriously, go check it out if you are a college student or looking for job/career advice – they’ve got it all!) We love them because they are incredibly active on their Twitter, constantly sharing not only their own articles, but others as well. And, we love them because they’re super polite – they always say thank for for mentions and retweets and they’re always ready to send a smile your way. What’s not to love? Be sure to check them out for awesome advice!


What we love so much about College Prowler is how they pack so much great content into their tweets. At any given moment you can go to their Twitter feed and find scholarships, information about different schools (their Twitter bio says they have info on over 7,000 schools – impressive!), advice for students, and intriguing questions that can easily lead to engaging Twitter debates. Sounds good to us. Now go check ’em out!


Equals6, “The Professional Social Network for Students” is a fabulous resource for students, and their Twitter account is proof. We love that they share content from tons of other college blogs and resources and we also love how they aren’t afraid to post humorous quotes either. They shake it up with tons of different topics and are also a great resource for finding scholarships (take note, prospective students!) And they’re super friendly, so hey, go tweet to them!


We’d have to go hide in a corner if we didn’t include Huffington Post College on our list. They’re kind of a big deal. Our go-to resource for college news is also one of our favorite go-to Twitter accounts when we’re looking for fabulous posts to retweet. They post everything from serious news to cute puppy videos and inspirational quotes – just the kind of variety every college student needs on their Twitter feed. Not that we need to even say this, because you’re probably already following them, but go check them out for great info!


Campus Discovery, just like all the others, is a great resource for students because they always have “the inside scoop on college campuses,” according to their Twitter bio. What’s great about Campus Discovery is how engaging they are on Twitter – tweet and ye shall more than likely receive a reply! They’ve got great personality to their tweets and they’re not afraid to say it like it is. Also, like the others, they are a great resource for scholarships and an even better resource for fun. Now go follow them!

Are you following our faves on Twitter? Tell us in the comments!