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Let’s be honest, we all want to be having as much fun in our lives as Beyonce and Nicki Minaj in their “Feeling Myself” music video.  The video dropped only days ago and we can’t help but be inspired by the numerous activities the duo do.  So, if you’re still racking your brains for fun and entertaining things to do this Memorial Day weekend, here are five ways to enjoy yourself Queen Bee and Nicki Minaj style.

A Little Pool Action Goes A Long Way:


Now we’re not saying head to your local pool wearing furs and designer bathing suits, but a nice dip in the pool (or a kiddie pool?) is the perfect way to cool off this weekend.  And who doesn’t like playing with water guns?

Listen to Music & Dance Like You’re At Coachella:


Obviously Coachella has passed, but take the opportunity to check out if there are any music events or festivals this weekend. I mean who doesn’t enjoy dancing silly with their family and friends until the sun goes down?  You can even try copying some of the moves they did in the music video if you’re that brave.

Soak Up Some Rays:


Nothing sounds better than chilling in your backyard and working on your tan while sitting on inflatable fruit.

You’re Never Too Old for a Bouncy House:


Sadly, the video didn’t showcase the ladies actually jumping on the bouncy house, but the pair were seen sitting on it while attempting to throw french fries in each others mouths.  I guess there really is a kid in all of us, even if you are huge celebrities like, Beyonce and Nicki Minaj.

Chow Down:Feeling Myself

Hamburgers, hot dogs, wings, whatever your barbecue can cook up, it will make this weekend one that your stomach will never forget. If you want to make it interesting have you and a friend link arms and feed each other, if Bey and Nicki did it, you should too. Just don’t expect to look as flawless doing it.

How will you copy Bey and Nicki in their Feeling Myself video?