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Over the course of my college career, one of my biggest problems has been battling insomnia. I’ve spent countless nights lying awake, waiting to fall asleep. There are a variety of things that cause insomnia, such as stress, anxiety, depression and traumatic experiences. I’ve found a few solutions while fighting insomnia over the years that can stop you from lying awake and get you to start counting sheep.

The first one is to drink chamomile tea. The leaves have therapeutic properties that have been used to treat insomnia and anxiety, among other conditions. Drink a cup half an hour to an hour before going to bed and you should be out in no time.

Avoid napping in the middle of the day, this will throw off your internal clock and can mess up your natural sleeping pattern. If you absolutely need to rest between classes, keep it around 30 to 45 minutes at the longest.

Another way to prevent insomnia that I’ve found is to avoid using your computer before you turn in for the night. You’ll prevent your mind from being too wired when it should be getting ready to jump into REM sleep.

The most effective solution that’s helped me battle insomnia is meditation. Forget all of the day’s events or dismissing any thoughts of work to be done in the morning and be mindful of your breath. Inhale, exhale and repeat. Contrary to the belief that you have to sit cross-legged with a perfectly straight back, you can meditate sitting in a comfortable chair or even laying down. The important thing is to focus on your breath.

Regardless of what solutions you try, be mindful of what could be causing your insomnia in the first place.

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How to Cope with Insomnia

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Photo courtesy of Oliver Hodac via Flickr (CC BY 2.0)