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What Your First Day of College Might Be Like

Mary Dishigrikyan is a fourth-year Psychology and English student at UCLA. She is a logophile with a passion for puns and Disneyland.  

Ever wonder what your first day of college might be like (assuming you haven’t gotten there yet)?

Here’s how it starts.

Here’s the trend you’ll realize during your first day as a college student:

Most of the time in college, you’re actually…*gulp* alone. You’ll walk to class alone, you’ll sit in class alone, you’ll study alone, your roommate will go home often, by default leaving you in the dorm alone often…college starts out as one of the most solitary experiences in our lives. However, it’s important to keep in mind that your first day is not indicative of what the rest of your days will be like. No matter how your first day unfolds, it is always up to you to decide how to continue. That is to say, college never has to be as bad as it has the potential to be. Your not-so-close friends will seem to be a common trend at first, but when you think about it, isn’t this how all of our closest friends start out? As distant ones? And then, if you allow it, they’ll slowly just kind of immerse themselves into more of your daily activities, contact between you guys will steadily increase, and before you know it these will be the people that you do everything with. That you go everywhere with. These are the people that somehow are always there when you experience a first. Your first frat party, your first midnight premiere of a critically well-received film, your first road trip.

The first day of college is a breeze for some, and a flurry of chaos for most, but the most comforting thought to have is knowing that one thing will be constant throughout your college career if you allow it to be (two things, if you never change your major). Those are your friends. Classes will be hard, studying will be stressful, professors will degrade you, and you’ll reach, like, ten thousand breaking points during finals. Your friends, however, are the ones who keep you sane, take ridiculous-sounding classes with you just to alleviate your loneliness, and introduce you to some of the best times of your life. No matter what, don’t let first days get you down. Introduce yourself to people, go to events, sit next to people in class, and open up. Do all that, and your days will only ever go uphill.

How Did Your First Day of College Go?

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