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The first week of going back to school can seem overwhelming, but it really is so fun. Whether a freshman or not, you have so much to look forward to whether it’s meeting new people and living on your own for the first time, or heading back for sophomore, junior, or senior year to see your friends that you’ve been missing all summer, it is definitely a fun, high energy, and exciting time. Here are some Friends GIFs to tell it like it is.

When you first arrive and walk in and you see your friends and it’s the most excited you’ve ever been

friends joey hug

And you just can’t stop being so excited


When unpacking is hell and all you want to do is hang out with your friends and it’s kind of hot and you just want to give up

chandler friends omg

When you’re getting ready to go to the first party of the semester

Monica Friends Turkeyhead

And you can’t decide what to wear and every outfit you put on, you’re like.. is this ok?

rachel dress friends

When you arrive at the party and you realize you forget how to act at parties

monica dancing friends

When you realize you became a lightweight over the summer and you can feel the alcohol after only a couple drinks

joey surprised friends

And your hangovers are a million times worse

ross why me friends

When you go out 7 nights in a row ’cause you’re just so happy to be back

alcohol friends

When you finally hit a wall and think you might need a break

laundry hit friends

When someone mentions  tomorrow is the first day of classes

phoebe friends shocked


Are you excited to go back to school?

all GIFs via Giphy

feature image via Pinterest