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So exams are wrapping up and we’re all looking forward to heading home for the summer. Maybe there’s a job waiting for us, maybe we’re volunteering, maybe we’re just home for a bit before we travel the world. I don’t know about you, but I always find myself with a week to do almost nothing before my summer responsibilities kick in. It’s never as awesome as I think it will be. Let me explain.

Day 1: Travel


Whether you’re driving, flying, or sailing, stuff is about to get real. First of all, you’re not packed. Second, you’re about to spend the next 1-24 hours of your life simply travelling from one place to another. You’ll be excited at first, then tired, and eventually you’ll wish that you were just home already. There will be one thought to creep into your mind: you will wish that you had stayed in your college town for the summer. (That thought will be quickly squashed, I hope.) Also, nothing will go smoothly.

Mood: irritable
Now Playing: Simple Plan – I’m Just A Kid

Day 2: Sleep


Travelling has really tuckered you out. You just want to sleep all day, and that’s fine because you still have the rest of the week to hang out with friends from home, watch TV, and generally be unproductive. You convince yourself that you will be refreshed in the morning.

Mood: N/A
Now Playing: Rainy Mood

Day 3: Couch


You had plans to meet up with an obscene number of friends that you haven’t seen in months. You love them all very much and are excited to finally hang out with them again. Yet there’s something about the couch that is so comfortable…okay, maybe you’ll just lie there for a few minutes before you head out. Then those minutes turn into an hour and that hour suddenly turns into “Sorry, I can’t make it, unexpected occurrences in the household!” texts. Whoops.

Mood: stoic
Now Playing: Pokemon Theme Song

Day 4: Chores


You’re finally getting relaxed at home and will likely be ready to take on the day (tomorrow). Suddenly, your parents comment on the fact that you seem to have nothing to do. How about you help with the laundry? Or cleaning the kitchen? Or wiping down every available surface? It’s not like you’re doing anything anyway.

Mood: lethargic
Now Playing: Peter Pan – I Won’t Grow Up

Days 5 & 6: ????


Tbh, who knows? You’ll see some friends and family, but these two days will pass in such a flurry. You won’t know what really happened until you look back on those days.

Mood: in the zone
Now Playing: Fort Minor – Where’d You Go

Day 7: Prepare


Okay, now it’s time to prepare for real life. You’ve got stuff to do.

Mood: excited
Now Playing: Survivor – Eye of the Tiger

Not at all what you expected, eh? P.S. I swear I have friends other than my bed and my couch.

How will you spend the first week of summer?

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