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A summer internship is definitely a time of mixed emotions. One day you may love it, one day you may want to pull your hair out, and one day you may be half asleep at your desk for the entire 8 hours. The first week tells you exactly what to expect and how your summer is going to go. Here we have some GIFs to lay it out for you more clearly:


You’re SO FREAKIN EXCITED you basically run to the office

You’ve got first day jitters, but it will be a great day of orientation, meeting new people, and your boss being easygoing on the first day.

Running Duckling

[gif via buzzfeed]


You are still excited at what the new day will bring; you haven’t really started the work yet

You put on that suit with confidence and excitement and strut your stuff to work for a brand new day filled with fun stuff like filing and reports!

Suit and Tie

[gif via buzzfeed]


Okay, now summer is officially over and you’ve begun the real work…and its not as thrilling as you once thought.

You grin and bear it because everyone is still going easy on you, but its sunny out and you’d much rather be sitting by the pool so you hesitantly drag your feet to work.

Polar bear dragging feet

[gif via imgur]


You’re past hump day so that’s good news, and they might have a new project for you

Hey, ya know, maybe today will be fun! Let’s give it another shot!

Jennifer Lawrence shrug

[gif via giphy]



You get it, Kathy Beth Terry

Kathy Beth Terry Friday

[gif via tumblr]

What the first week of your internship like?

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