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College is a big deal because it can give you the most education in so many parts of your life. It prepares you for the upcoming years, but it also represents the transition from teenager to adult. There are plenty of small tips and tricks to make your life easier during your first year of college, such as getting a student laptop or perhaps the right printer. However, some other things are more relevant for the next years. So, what should you pay attention to?

A top-notch organization must be your main priority…

Being organized is a challenge. In high-school, you have parents nearby telling you what to do, not to mention the teachers. In college, things change 180 degrees, especially if you go far from home. Getting organized is not hard, but staying organized is a challenge. Some professors will notify you about the required projects and exams at the beginning of the semester, so you have to remember all these small details. They should make organization way easier though.

Get a weekly agenda and take advantage of it. A planner is just as handy for your tryouts, office hours, assignments and so on.

Take advantage of every single available resource…

In college, you are usually on your own. Resources are everywhere around you, yet some of them might look irrelevant – a terrible misconception! Whether you need some silence to complete an essay, a book to finish a paper or perhaps some counseling help, keep in mind that colleges have such centers for everyone. They are there to help you out, so do not feel embarrassed to get there. Some of the most common resources include counseling centers, libraries, writing centers and so on.

Your teachers are even better resources. They have been through the same things, but they also work in what you are majoring in. Ask questions, become friends, hang around them and pay attention. You will thank yourself later on.

Join all kinds of clubs and organizations…

Sure, if you watch those cliche movies with teenagers, you will get the wrong idea that joining clubs and organizations is a bad aspect, yet it is not. If you are in your freshman year, this is actually a top-notch recommendation. You need to make friends based on your hobbies and passions. Keep in mind that friends from middle school or high-school are less likely to be there for you. On the other hand, your friends from college will become lifelong friends.

Apart from clubs and organizations, sports teams are just as handy if you are good at something. Pay attention to art clubs, student unions, cultural clubs and so on. Not all of them may become something you love, but be open minded and absorb information. Unlike what most students think, you do not even need a car to get around and go to your club activities. Investing in a good road bike works just as well.

Remember, college can become extremely helpful in all aspects of your life if you respect a few unwritten rules!

Ar you ready for your first year of college?