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We like to consider ourselves Twitter aficionados here at CampusRiot (or @SurvivinCollege, rather), especially when it comes to finding hilarious parody/fictional/etc Twitter accounts to follow/obsess over 24/7. We decided to share our love for these fabulously funny personalities with you. Every month, our editor (@brittneyplz) will share one of her favorite fictional Twitter-ers with you all. This week: @Feministtswift

Feminist Taylor Swift Follow Friday

I know that I said that this “Follow Friday” post was going to be a monthly thing, but sometimes exceptions have to be made. This week is one of those weeks. Two days ago, a brand new Twitter account made its way into my dashboard via the lovely and fabulous Clara Beyer (@clarabellum) of That Girl Mag (which we raved about here), and I have been hooked ever since. @feministtswift (Feminist Taylor Swift) is the hilarious parody that you didn’t know you wanted until now (and now you won’t be able to get enough of it, so, you’re welcome!) and its following has been growing steadily – okay, more like skyrocketing – since its inception on June 12th.

The first Tweet I saw read:

At the time of its posting, the account had only 3 followers – I promptly joined in. Last night when I read the tweets to my mom and boyfriend, it was at a little over 100 followers. And this morning when I woke up, it had reached 4,000+ – hello, overnight success! At the time I’m writing this now, @feministtswift has hit 7,600+ followers, so I can only imagine how viral this is going to go. Hence, the exception I was talking about – what kind of Twitter aficionado would I be if I didn’t share this gem with you before it starts breaking records?

So, if you haven’t already guessed based on its first tweet, @feministtswift is exactly what it sounds like: turning Taylor Swift’s best lyrics into feminist statements. The account’s profile picture is of Taylor Swift’s head photoshopped onto Rosie the Riveter’s body. And the tweets themselves only get more and more hilarious. Even though there are only 20 to choose from right now (I’m confident that this Twitter will only continue to be filled with awesome, feminist-ized T Swift lyrics) I still had to share the best tweets. Prepare to be astounded.

And a fan submission:

Oh and, just in case you were wondering, by the time we published this post, it had 10, 325 followers. Go, Clara!

Be sure to follow @feministtswift on Twitter!