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We like to consider ourselves Twitter aficionados here at CampusRiot (or @SurvivinCollege, rather), especially when it comes to finding hilarious parody/fictional/etc Twitter accounts to follow/obsess over 24/7. We decided to share our love for these fabulously funny personalities with you. Every month, our editor (@brittneyplz) will share one of her favorite fictional Twitter-ers with you all. This week: @MidSchoolDance

Middle School Dance Twitter Follow Friday

As mentioned time and time again on SC, I am a huge fan of 90s throwback goodness. If it came from my childhood/awkward pre-teen years, I probably still love it and am not ashamed to admit it on my Twitter. I listen to Backstreet Boys on the reg during my daily commute and I wish every day that Neopets had an iPhone app. I basically fail at being adult. Probably about as much as middle school kids failed at being cool (let’s face it, middle school was the most awkward time of our lives, no matter what.)

Speaking of middle school, have you heard of @MidSchoolDance? This hilarious Twitter account is tragically underfollowed, with only 19,465 followers, so maybe not, but that’s all about to change. (Side note: isn’t it weird that we live in a time where having over 19,000 people read your thoughts is hardly anything? Because back in the day, if you had 40 people on your Buddy List you were either a stalker or super popular…)

All that I know about @MidSchoolDance is that pick-up is at 10:30pm and it takes place in the gym/cafeteria. Whoever runs this amazing Twitter account knows exactly how to serve up a blast from the past – with throwback songs, nostaliga-inducing (and totally realistic) quotes, and references to all things middle school like TRL, braces, and awkward DJs who thought they were totally cool.

So, in celebration of @MidSchoolDance and every awkward 90s/early 2000s middle school dance that ever happened, here are my favorite Middle School Dance tweets of all time.

Brace yourselves, because things are about to get weird…

When things got awkward:

Happens to the best of us.

Keeping it in the family?

Ahh, true love.

When the kids misbehaved:

Because that’s going to end well…

What was the obsession with the handicap bathroom?!

When the teachers interfered:

Sadly, this will continue happening, even in college (here’s proof)  

At my school, brownies were free, so…

When the DJ tried to be cool:

*raises hand*

As long as it’s “The Boy Is Mine” featuring Monica.


And of course, the playlist:

Everyone’s favorite song.

Remember when Sugar Ray was cool?

And the song that made everyone crazy.

Be sure to follow @MidSchoolDance on Twitter!