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Yik Yak is an anonymous social media app that was released last November, but really seems to be blowing up now across college campuses. Yakking is like being able to tweet what you’ve always wanted to really say to a large audience BUT it’s completely anonymous. This anonymity eliminates any type of filter that you would’ve had if it had been a tweet, which opens the doors to so many racey jokes, topics, and targeted catcalls. Yik Yak is especially popular on college campuses because once you send out a Yak, it’s sent to everyone who has Yik Yak within a 10-mile radius. Other Yakkers can “up” or “down” a Yak if they like what was written or disagree with it. College kids, anonymity, and essential tweets?? Sounds like a recipe for both hilarity and disaster.

The actual app itself has turned into a topic of controversy on campuses as some people, like on many social media platforms, have been using it negatively, such as posting racial slurs or sexist comments. Some colleges have even decided to ban the app on their campus.

It’s super annoying when some people have to ruin the fun for everyone else. But from what we’ve seen on Yik Yak’s Twitter and Instagram accounts, the Yaks are dominantly hilarious and most people use it all in good, non-offensive fun [thank you underground Yik Yak techies].

Here are some Yaks that range from being hilarious and relatable, to others giving anonymous advice to brighten up your day.

Do you yik yak?