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If you’ve been lucky thus far, you’ve never been hit by food poisoning. That was me…up until a few days ago when I woke up suddenly at 12:30 am and threw up what felt like a week’s worth of food. So of course the logical conclusion is to write about it so that it might be a little better if this happens to you too.

Don’t fight it.

Remember that food poisoning is caused by bacteria that your body doesn’t agree with – usually raw or undercooked meat. Your body, therefore, will do whatever necessary to get rid of it. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t let that happen. Don’t try to fight the nausea.

Try to eat solid food.

It can be tempting to reach for a bowl of soup when you’re lying in bed starving, but with no appetite. The thing I’ve found about liquids though, is that they always just come right back up. Solid food tends to stay down more easily. Scrambled eggs are my go-to sick food.

Report it.

Especially if you got it from the campus cafeteria, report the incident to Housing, or whoever is responsible for looking after the food on campus. If you got food poisoning, chances are that other people did too, and this is an issue that needs to be addressed. At the very least, they’ll be more careful when cooking.

Food poisoning is not a fun experience. I even went to work the next day, which also was not fun. Do yourself a favor and get a ton of rest, and take care of your friends! I’ve heard stories of people being trapped in bed for days at a time, simultaneously sweating and freezing cold.

Food poisoning is, unfortunately, quite common.
How did you overcome it?


Image courtesy of micsten via Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0).