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Let’s be real: food truck is one of mankind’s greatest things. Imagine having the comforts of getting your favorite cravings within reach. Additionally, isn’t it fun to enjoy food while you’re just lounging outside, while breathing fresh air – something that closed-space restaurants cannot offer?

But let’s focus on the food. Cupcakes, ice creams – we already see them getting rolled in trucks. But how about pudding for pudding lovers? Well, Carrie Cohen had the answer for that.

The Pudding Truck

As the name clearly suggests, The Pudding Truck offered a unique dessert that most might not be too acquainted with — puddings.

Before the concept was born, Carrie Cohen published a small food blog. For her, desserts have so much room of exploration to offer. During that time, she also read business books about food trucks – and realized that even after its wave of popularity, there are still possibilities for more. It needs a unique touch, and for her – pudding is unique.

The Menu

Cohen refers to the popular flavors that The Pudding Track menu revolved around to be: the Big Three. Guess what they are? Vanilla, chocolate, and butterscotch. Oh, just thinking about them, makes our mouths water.

For said signature flavors, Cohen tested them carefully. Combining flavors is a hard feat. But she managed it well.

The vanilla one is complex with its combo of being warm, spicy, but creamy. The butterscotch has a brown butter base, complimenting the caramel with wood notes of single-malt Scotch. And the chocolate? It is layered by mixing cocoa powder, dark chocolate, and milk chocolate.

And oh, did we mention that their puddings are naturally gluten-free, with refined-sweetener-free options, and are seasonal vegan?

Business Closed

Before it closed last September 2018, The Pudding Truck roamed the streets of Los Angeles, California. They did their last hurrah but surely, they will be missed by a lot of pudding lovers who came across them.


Anyone here who have tried the puddings from The Pudding Truck? Share your experience with us!


Featured Image Source: The Pudding Truck