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Yesterday I was browsing people’s Facebook statuses (as I do when I am extremely busy), and I could not keep track of how many people were talking about Fall. At least six girls complained that Pumpkin Spice Lattes are not yet available at Starbucks (“I’ve been waiting a whole yeaaaar though!”), two gave a detailed description of how great it was to wear their leather jackets again (I’m with them), and four were already planning out their Halloween costume (Did you know the ALS ice bucket challenge is a hot costume this year?). Finally I saw a status that struck my fancy: Football season is among us.

Ah, yes. Gone are the days where tailgating means sweating in a hot parking lot and liberally applying sunscreen before a baseball game. We are now in the time of the best tailgate season. The weather is great, everyone is excited to start their school year, and the freshman are still passionate about their school. You will hear your school’s fight song at least 56 times before you enter the stadium (if you actually even go into the game), and the alumni are back to support their school on a beautiful Sunday. In order to have the best tailgate there are certain areas your preparations must excel in. Food, beverage, arrival time, and position in the parking lot are three important factors, but let us discuss the glue that holds together the tailgate: the music.

Nothing makes or breaks an event like music. Now, all summer people throw tailgates and stick their iPod in and play a playlist that they’ve dubbed “The BEST tailgate playlist EVER!”. Essentially this ends up being a conglomeration of every country song they could think of, a few Ke$ha songs to really get the party started, and Queen’s ‘We Are The Champions’. I’ve had enough. I am putting my foot down. I am not sure when everyone began to assume that country music is the best tailgate music. HOW am I supposed to get pumped up to watch athletes tackle each other on turf to this? I can’t. I won’t. And you shouldn’t have to try either. Here is a tailgate playlist that (In my extremely biased opinion) really, really, rocks. You won’t find any pop anthems, country hits, or any of that house music you hooligans are blasting from your car windows these days on this list. It is mostly rock hits that everyone loves, but forget about until it is blasting from a stereo and they scream “OMG I KNOW THIS ONE I LOVE THIS ONE!”. Of course you do. Enjoy, and make sure you also play your school’s fight song.

What is your favorite football tailgate song?

(Featured Image via temple)