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There truly is an app for everything and everyone. College students, in particular, can really benefit from the best of the free apps in the iTunes store. I find the productivity and education categories to have the most fitting selection to choose from.

1. iTunes U
This app will link you directly to iTunes’s extensive library of free university course lectures, videos, and books. It’s a great resource for the subjects that you’re having trouble with or are just really interested in.

2. myHomework
Ever find yourself forgetting when your next reading assignment is due? With myHomework, you don’t have to get out your pen and paper to jot down due dates. There is also an integrated calendar, class schedule, and reminder system.

3. Later
Later is one of the most simplest and easiest “to-do” lists to use. No fancy options and complicated menus to get through here.

4. Flashcards+
Flashcards+ gives you a way to organize paperless flashcards for every test. It also gives you access to an online database of millions of already pre-made flashcard decks. Create your own study deck or search for one that another user has already created.

5. Vocabology
Increase your vocab knowledge with fun quiz games and word-of-the-day integration. Never be at a loss for words again.

6. Free Graphing Calculator
$200 graphing calculator? No thanks. Install the free graphing calculator and carry around math’s goodness with you everywhere.

7. Quipper Quiz
A fun and easy way to increase your knowledge of almost any subject. Get competitive with special missions or increase your knowledge of interesting trivia.

8. Khan Academy: A Classroom in Your Pocket
We all love the full site so what’s not to love about the portable app? Study ahead, brush up on past courses, and be prepared for your next exam.

Snag these apps now while they are still free!

Photo Courtesy of Dan Catchpole via Flickr (CC BY 2.0).