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The Freshman 15 is VERY real for many college students across the world. While¬†most people joke about it, the unhealthy habits you develop in college could stick with you for years. And it’s not just your eating habits, but also your sleeping ones.

A study in the journal Behavioral Sleep Medicine found that poor sleeping habits can lead to weight gain — not necessarily 15 pounds, but more like five.

The researchers studied the sleep patterns of over 100 freshman students at Brown University, and found that many were falling asleep around 1 A.M. and only getting around seven hours of rest, with periods of waking up during the night.

These sleep patterns were tracked for nine weeks, and students gained an average of six pounds over those weeks.

We can speak from experience that those late nights are either spent in front of a computer screen binge watching a show while eating Doritos, or spent out with friends, doing god knows what… amirite?

The National Sleep Foundation says that teenagers should get around 10 hours a sleep per night. With more sleep, your body has more energy to get things done, say like go to the gym. And we all know, when you feel rested, you’re likely to make healthier choices throughout the day.

So, what does this all mean? Get to bed early. Sweat every day (and not because of an exam), and take care of yourself, freshmen!

Did you pack on a freshman 15 in college?