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Nearly all of us have had that moment of heartbreak when either us or our friends have decided to attend college out of state. With tons of schoolwork, internships, and a few hundred miles separating you, it can be incredibly challenging to stay in touch with all of your companions. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of five simple tips to stay connected with your best friends throughout college!

Don’t let the distance freak you out:

One of the biggest deterrents to a friendship is the inability to meet face-to-face. Just remember that neither of you would probably have much time to hang out even if you lived close in college, with all the writing and the working and whatnot. In fact, living far apart can actually help you become a more attentive student since you will have less time to be distracted.

Touch base regularly (but not too regularly):

Of course you are going to text your old friends in your spare time, but try to figure out a good schedule for doing so. Don’t spend multiple hours a day trying to desperately revive your friendship because it will soon get old and exhausting for both of you. Instead, try touching base every couple of days or having an in-depth discussion once a week or so. The worst thing you can do is juggle your connections with school and work because, odds are, you won’t have enough time or stamina to make it all work.

Stay connected through an app or online game:

Apps and games such as Trivia Crack, Words With Friends, and Clash of Clans are easy ways to keep in touch without expending tons of commitment. They are fun, quick, and stimulating ways to put a fresh, new spin on your friendships that works for both short and long distance relationships. For any sports fans, fantasy games are another perfect way to stay connected since you can talk trades, boast about your team, and discuss players with ease.

Don’t be afraid to lose contact for a while: 

If you get really hung up with several long essays or a rough week at work, don’t be afraid to put your social life on hold for a little while. Every time you text or Facebook a friend, you want your conversation to be as fresh as possible. There’s no penalty for staying out of touch, just as long as you reach out again in the future.

Make plans for summer vacation:

Perhaps this is the most obvious point on the list. No matter where you are in the semester, remember that winter break or summer vacation is only a few months away. Always look forward to seeing your friends again and embrace the time that you have together!

How do you stay connected with friends?