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In my experience, inspiration has a tendency to come and go with a fickleness that never fails to astonish.

But why? I find myself trudging through my day, with no motivation whatsoever to make it one of my best, or to accomplish anything special. However, perhaps its not inspiration’s mercurial nature that is to blame, but rather where I am choosing to look for it. That is, I need a new source of inspiration.

It’s so easy to lose sight of your goals and sacrifice your drive for the immediate rewards of just whiling your time away caught up in Facebook and Youtube. I mean, who doesn’t love liking the hordes of photos conveniently appearing on your newsfeed, or spending hours watching the latest music videos? We’re all guilty of it, but in the end, all we’ve really accomplished is delaying reality for just a little bit longer.

So, when struck by this realization, I decide to sit down and get cracking. Which is great, in theory. But how many times have we all sat at our computer with the best intentions, and ended up wasting hours either staring blankly at the screen or inevitably migrating to that reliable source of entertainment? In my case, way too many.

My next step (after becoming aware that I have not an inkling of motivation to continue on), is to look for some good ol’ inspiration. Speeches, movies, books, quotes – I’ve tried it all. And while I sometimes get lucky, most of it flies over my head in a wave of cheesy and over-tried hogwash. Back to square one.

Recently, however, I’ve discovered a new source that tends to be almost 100% reliable: my friends. I seem to be blessed with overachieving go-getters, who will never take no for an answer. And somehow, seeing them go out on a limb and get the things they want convinces me to think “hey, maybe I can do that too”. It automatically gets me going and setting my sights on goals that I wouldn’t have even considered before. And before I know it, I’m caught up in their energy and can begin to rely on myself for inspiration again.

If you have the right friends, they can be the most supportive group of individuals that will constantly be able to pull you up when you take a fall. Everyone falls off the track sometime or another, and sometimes some human lovin’ is quite a bit better than the Facebook one. Perhaps the greatest part is that the motivation they provide you is not one spawned from jealousy, but rather one of becoming the best person you can be, and reaching your full potential.

What more can you ask for?

Image courtesy of SweetOnVeg (CC BY 2.0).