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It’s kind of a vicious cycle – you need electronics like laptops, tablets, smartphones, apps, and software in order to survive college and get everything done, but you need money to do that. And since you’re in college, you’re probably broke, so all those fun and useful tech-y things are a little out of your price range. But that’s where your student status comes in — the beautiful part of being a broke college student is all the discounts you get. This week we rounded up 10 sweet tech discounts you can get just for being a student, covering everything from entertainment to software to tablets, computers, and more. Check it out!

1. Best Buy – Discounts vary

2. Adobe – Creative Cloud for $19.99/month

3. Apple – Discounts vary

Apple Store Student Discounts

(photo credit: Shaon Diwakar via photopin cc)

4. HP – Up to 20% off

5. Microsoft – 10% on Surface, software, and accessories

6. Dell – Discounts vary

7. Amazon Student – Free for 6 months, then 50% off Prime

Amazon Student Discounts

(photo credit: Robert Scoble via photopin cc)

8. Academic Superstore – Discounts vary

9. JourneyEd – Discounts vary

10. Student Universe – Discounts vary

And like always, whenever you go shopping (especially when you’re about to drop a lot of cash on some electronics) be sure to ask before you buy — you never know, some stores might have a secret student discount!

Where do you buy your electronics for cheap?

Featured photo credit: Johan Larsson via photopin cc