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Textbooks are a necessary evil. More often than not, you need to buy or rent the textbook for a class to do well and pass and more often than not they are super expensive. They can be a serious blow to your wallet and it comes right at the beginning of the semester which is not a fun way to start things off. And the worst part is the dismal amount of money you get back during buybacks. So for this week’s “Frugal Friday” we decided to check out places that offer discounts on books to help you start off your semester a little brighter.

1. Student Rate

2. Amazon

Amazon Cheap Books college

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3. Half.Com

4. Chegg

5. Abe Books

6. Alibris

Alibris Cheap Textbooks College

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8. Cheapest Textbooks

9. Valore Textbooks

10. ECampus

And don’t forget — one of the best ways to get your textbooks for cheap is to borrow them from a friend who already took the class, or browse your school’s online forum for other students who may be selling that textbook you need for a lot less than anywhere else (no shipping necessary!)

Where do you buy your textbooks for cheap?

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