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Dear broke college students: this week, we bring you one of the best places on the Internet for college students to save money. By signing up on StudentRate, you get free student discounts and deals on Apple, Netflix, T-Mobile, Sephora, Forever 21 and much more. The site is chock-full of deals,giveaways, coupons, rebates and discounts for some of the most recognizable brands in the world. If you are in college, and you buy things online, you should definitely sign up for StudentRate. You’d be surprised to see the vast array of brands that are featured on this site. The mass appeal is there.

The site is extremely easy to use, and within minutes I was signed up. I simply entered my e-mail and my the name of my university and seconds later I had received a confirmation e-mail. I’m kind of bummed I hadn’t discovered this site while I was still in college. Just to give you a feel for the type of things you can save money on, here are a few examples of discounts featured on StudentRate:

StudentRate Banner Trends(image via)

– $50 account credit +10% off T-Mobile

– 10% discount on all recurring charges from Verizon

– 12.5% cash back cash back from Under Armour

– 5% cash back when you book a trip with MegaBus

– 10% cash back from

– $200 off select PC’s at HP

– 5% cashback from GameStop

– 5% cash back from

– 4% cash back from

– Free trial Netflix subscription

Clearly, there are a lot of featured brands featured on this site, many of which are household names. If you are prone to uncontrollable online shopping sprees (like a lot of the girls I know), I suggest starting at StudentRate in an attempt to reduce the financial burden you’re laying upon yourself every time you shop.

Now is a better time than ever to sign up; they are currently running a promotion where they are giving away an iPad.  Just help them reach 35,000 fans on Facebook and you will be eligible to win. They even have discounts on textbooks and I think we all know how helpful that could potentially be.  They have all the bases covered, and if it’s something you want, odds are StudentRate will get it to you at a discount. You can even save money booking a hotel for your spring break getaway!

By this time you shouldn’t even be reading this post anymore, but rather, you should redirect yourself to StudentRate and begin saving. Disclaimer: A lot of the savings on the site are through rebates, so don’t be lazy and take the time to get your cash back or this site won’t help you.

What are you most excited to save money on with StudentRate?


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