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Collette Roberto is a sophomore Physics and Economics Major at Cornell University who loves to write, especially about her school! 

Especially if you have never been paintballing before, spending a Saturday at Ithaca Paintball is definitely a must-do for Cornellians and their friends.


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It’s probably best if you have a few friends with cars, because the site is a little ways from campus. But you’ll be going with a big group most likely anyway, like your floor buds, your co-workers, or your intramural sports team! If you don’t have a big group enough for two teams, however, on open shooting days anyone can come and join with other groups for larger matches. 

It’s totally affordable too, with individual rental rates starting at only 20 bucks!

So once you’ve got your group and a little cash, here’s what you’re in store for:

At Ithaca Paintball there are three different shooting arenas, called “Speedball,” “Woods,” and “Castle/Meadow.”

Speedball is a small, flat arena with only plastic and blow-up barriers for protection, so the game goes by quickly and involves a lot of close-range strategizing. Usually the players break up into two teams for a last-man standing sort of play.


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At the Woods Course, groups like to play both last-man standing and capture-the-flag, because this arena has tall, wooden forts as well as thick trees and brambles. This course is great for players that love stealthily sneaking around behind the enemy or sniping from tall heights.


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Finally, the Castle Field is a large meadow with a wooden castle in the center, and the point of this game is to have one team defend the castle from attack while the second team tries to conquer the castle. This game is all about using different advantages, as the castle team can stay in one place and just shoot while the attackers are awarded a greater number of soldiers.


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All games are fun, quickly-converted (so you don’t have to wait on other groups to play), and a huge thrill, so when you do make it up to play, you could be having a blast for like, four or five hours! So get up there and start hurling the paint!

Are you excited to paintball?