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Anand Patel is currently a junior at Hofstra University majoring in Public Relations and minoring in Marketing, Psychology, and Spanish.

Get it done! I don’t know when your weekend starts nor do I know when mine does. It’s more of a perpetual “let’s do SOMETHING” tonight! I usually set Mondays up as resting days because there’s never really anything going on nor is anyone going to be doing anything unproductive given the nature of “Monday.” There’s Twisted Tuesday, Wasted Wednesday, Thirsty Thursday, TGIF, just Saturday (because it’s awesome all by itself), and Sunday Funday. I hate Mondays, and if you say you love (or ever like) them I will forever judge you…

"Studying" Abroad with some wonderful people. Every night's a good night.

“Studying” Abroad with some wonderful people. Every night’s a good night.

Here at Hofstra there is always SOMETHING going on, whether it be having intimate nights with the bestest of friends or getting sufficiently plastered at house parties and meeting too many people that you’re not going to remember in the morning. I usually allot the societal norm for the weekend– Friday and Saturday– for big house parties. Never the bar. Not unless ALL of the parties get broken up early, which even in that case I’m probably just going to stay at the house because I’m friends with the people who live there. Also, I must mention the fact that SO many college kids continue to complain about being broke all the d*mn time. Well, if you didn’t spend $10+ getting into the bar and $X+ on drinks at the bar, you just might not be broke. (This doesn’t count girls who get in free ALL THE TIME. NOT fair). House parties are $5. Always. If they’re asking for more, leave. They clearly don’t know how to throw a party.

So much for the tangents. Let me get to the point. The “weekend” is going to forever be acquainted with having fun. This does not in the least bit limit you to not having fun during the week. If that is your mentality, I pity the fool. I sometimes have more fun on those random escapades with my friends during the week that were never planned. If you have never been to the library and gotten a study room (especially during finals) with friends you are so missing out. Those are the best times you will ever have whilst studying. You get to work off of each other and learn things from others that you didn’t already know, and vice versa. The best time is when you have 2 of the same classes with a friend– you make one study guide, and the other makes the other. Win-win. You can also motivate each other to study because we all know you are not capable of doing anything without that push. Granted, you might not get THAT much studying depending on the number of people in the room and your respective attention spans.

Taking a break from being more of less productive.

Taking a break from being more of less productive.

Don’t make plans. Just do it. Rather, don’t make definitive plans. If something is set in stone that makes me anxious and I just can’t deal. When you make plans, you’re forming expectations as to how your respective plans are going to turn out. Therefore, you are essentially setting yourself up for disappointment because you already have an image of how sh*t’s going to go down… This is never the case. You should always go into life with an open mind– you’ll be happier that you did. Spontaneity… People don’t give it enough credit.

The point of the story is that what even IS the weekend? When you’re constantly having fun, while of course getting your work done, how can one even define the weekend? I do homework on the weekend (or at least try to..). At this point I feel like the “week” and the “weekend” is kind of the same– I just sleep a lot more on the weekend. Actually that’s a flat-out lie. I don’t know how it goes. It just happens. If I wake up, I wake up. Vice versa.

You don’t need to limit yourself to JUST doing things that make you happy on the weekends. There is a plethora of things you can do during the week, which usually is comprised of joining friends and wallowing in each others’ misery whilst doing homework. Oh how I relish the days when I have no homework assigned. Also, a word of advice to you all: do your homework DURING the day. Don’t even try after the sun goes down. You will fail. Just do your work during the day/in between classes/while you eat/etc. People ask me how I go (almost) out every night and still manage to do my work AND actually make good grades. Well, I just get my sh*t done. Whenever, wherever. Just do it. That’s really all I have to say about that. I don’t care if you have to stay up until the sun rises. Get it the f*** done. You’re going to need to be able to ACTUALLY make deadlines when you start living like a real human being outside of this college bubble we live in. I don’t want to hear you b*tch about being tired. There are other people out there who die of exhaustion that have REAL problems. Grow a pair. Once you get everything done, THEN you may partake in the debauchery that you so have been longing for.

You can sleep when you’re dead right?

Sleep is for the weak. We just play naps. It's a fun game. Everybody wins.

Sleep is for the weak. We just play naps. It’s a fun game. Everybody wins.

Good luck and godspeed.

What are some of your best study tips?