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Evernote is a fantastic “remember everything” app that has so many uses, you’ll probably continue to discover awesome and new uses even after you graduate college. That’s been the case for me, at least. It’s pretty obvious that we at CampusRiot love Evernote. But Evernote is doing something to make you love their services even more — Evernote, with their Evernote for College campaign, is letting college students get Evernote Premium for FREE!

How can you get Evernote Premium for free?
  • Get your .edu email address ready
  • Go to this link on Evernote’s website
  • Sign up for an Evernote account OR make sure your current Evernote account has your .edu email address
  • Wait for them to approve you!

It’s a super simple way to figure out if Evernote Premium is really for you.

What’s so special about Evernote Premium?

What can you get with Evernote Premium that you didn’t already have with your free account with Evernote?

  • They supersize your upload limit from 60 MB per month to 1 GB per month!
  • You can now access your notebooks offline when you don’t have an internet connect available — very convenient for smartphone users with Evernote downloaded on their phone.
  • Did you somehow save over something you didn’t mean to delete? You can now view previous versions of your notes!
  • The size of your note has been upped to 50 MB per NOTE. Very useful if it’s a note filled with scanned images!
  • Faster image recognition on your printed or handwritten notes. You may already have this service for free, but now your images will get processed faster.
  • PIN Lock on your Evernote App for Android and iOS users! If someone already got through to your phone, they won’t be able to access your notes without the right PIN!
  • The PDFs you upload on Evernote will now be searchable, which they were not with your free account!
  • And lastly, of course, no more of the silly ads on the app!
Still nervous about getting Evernote Premium for Free?

Of course this special deal comes with some conditions, but nothing that you should worry about:

  • You have to sign up before April 25, 2012 to be able to get approved for Evernote Premium.
  • This is only a trial run. Your premium account will expire on June 30, 2012.
  • Then, your account to revert back to whatever your subscription level was previously (and if you’re making the account now, it means it will go back to the free account). That means that if you already have a premium account, they will pause your current premium account and let you have the extended trial before reverting it back to your premium account.

That’s it! Get your Evernote Premium account for free, now, by going to!

Image courtesy of Evernote for College.