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The summer is a great time to get in shape. The weather is beautiful and you have more free time. Many students gain some weight over the semester and have plans to lose it over the summer but don’t know how. Getting in shape can mean anything from becoming more active or just eating a bit healthier. Follow these steps to make the most of your summer and get in shape!

Make a plan:

Have a general plan on what you want to get done this summer. This can be anything from losing five pounds to being able to run a 10k. Sit down at the beginning of your summer and write out your summer fitness goal, and try to be specific. If you have any diet goals, this is also the place to write them down.

Stick with it:

Don’t just write down your goals and then push them under a pile of papers. Follow through with your plan; build up to your goal workout or start incorporating healthier foods into your diet. Lean into this new plan; your body has to get used to the changes.


Once you’ve made your plan and you’ve started to lean into it, then it’s time to exercise. Anything from cardio to sit-ups to weights will be great. Don’t rush into it, especially if you’ve never really been into exercising. Exercise classes are also great if you’ve never worked out before; someone guiding you is always helpful.

Eat clean:

Exercise is only half of getting in shape. Try to limit your sugar and processed food intake. By eating cleaner and more pure, i.e. fruits veggies and proteins, your body will get stronger and produce more energy, helping you get into better shape.

Be confident:

Reaching your fitness and health goals may take some time, but have a little confidence in yourself. Once you start to feel stronger, you will feel better. Remember to pat yourself on the back along the way and tell yourself you’re doing great!

Your summer goals can be anything from exercising more to eating better. There’s no reason not to go through with getting into better shape. Follow these steps and you’ll be able to go back to school looking and feeling great.

How are you planning to get in shape this summer?