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Summer is here and that means summer flings are in the air. You’ve met that special someone at the beach, park, pool, or the movies and you’re having fun hanging out with them, until all of a sudden you’re not. Your summer fling has been overcome by the aspect of summer ending and you’re at a loss of what to do with yourself.  Since this isn’t Grease and you won’t be reunited with your summer love when school begins, you know that you’ll never see them again.  Well you can put away those Kleenex because this is how you bounce back from a summer fling.

1. Throw a full pity party:

That includes spending time all day either by yourself or with friends: watching romantic movies, eating junk food, crying, and then realizing how great you are and knowing you’ll find someone better.

2. Don’t stay on the couch, work it out:

Put all that sadness and anger over the fling ending towards getting into shape.  There’s no better way to show someone what they’re missing than by looking ten times better than you did when you were with them.

3. Start a project:

Whether that’s cleaning out your closet, making a scrapbook, find something you’ve always wanted to do but have put off and you’ll be too busy to think about that certain someone.

4. Spend time with your friends:

Go to the movies, go shopping, see a game, go to the beach, travel to the city, or on a road trip, just spend time with people who love you for being you.  Summer isn’t all about romance, it’s about relaxing and having fun.

5. Enjoy being single:

Think of all the positives about being single and not having to worry about the other person’s needs or making plans with the other persons.

6. The block button is your friend:

Make sure to block them from all of your social media so you don’t have to see what they’re doing and most importantly you don’t have to see if you’ve been replaced.

If all else fails…

7. Go out and get another summer fling:

Round two may be just what you need!

Do you have any tips for getting over a summer fling?