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College Textbooks: Heavy, expensive rectangles that you’ll avoid reading at all costs. If that doesn’t sound scholarly, I don’t know what does. But what we love most about these fun, fuzzy rectangles – the cost. College textbook costs are the reason for your strict diet of Ramen Noodles and English muffins stolen from the dining hall.

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But there’s a solution. Upgrade to store brand English muffins and vodka with manageable hangovers when you buy textbooks through At Studentrate, a textbook price comparison search engine is used to do all searching and comparing for you! And in addition to finding the lowest price available for each option – buying, renting, new, used, or eBooks – Studentrate search engine also combines available coupons and cash back offers to provide the absolute best value! It’s the easiest way to find the textbooks you need for cheapest price!

So which fuzzy rectangles should I consider, you ask?

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Buy & Rent New

If you’re looking for a book in perfect condition, new is the way to go. If you’re buying, you can do all your own highlighting and note taking within the book – great for looking back when midterms roll around. If renting, replace highlighters with sticky notes to mark pages with important information or passages. And for those without an extensive textbook collection, with renting, you can send the books back (as long as you know you won’t need them again) usually after finals period and rid of their suckiness altogether.

Buy & Rent Used

Most times, used books come in pretty good condition, maybe with a note here or a highlighted passage there. Also, used books tend to be cheaper for those looking for an even less expensive buy. Most of the textbooks I’ve purchased have been used and I’ve never had a problem with them.

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Ask your professors if textbooks required for the class are available online. Online books aren’t for everyone, but they certainly save pounds in the backpack and storage in your dorm room.


Check out Studentrate for all of your Textbook and Back To School needs! 

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