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Don’t ask me to decide if I like Justin Timberlake better as an actor or a musician. Please. I am not emotionally stable enough for questions like that. When JT took a break from singing to pursue acting, I was fine with it. As everyone knows, I think The Social Network is an amazing film. I preferred Friends with Benefits to No Strings Attached. I’m a big fan of JT the actor. So despite not knowing anything about Runner, Runner except that Justin Timberlake and Ben Affleck were in it, I went to see it with enthusiasm. Because, well, Justin Timberlake was in it.

It is not often that I go into a movie knowing literally nothing about it. But this was one of those rare occasions. Runner, Runner wasn’t the worst movie I have seen, but it also wasn’t the best. It was pretty funny in parts, which I was surprised about, but I also thought the talent of the cast was washed out a bit by it trying a little to hard to be a thriller. So instead of really doing a review of the movie, I decided that it would be better if I just explained the experience as a whole. Through GIFs.

So first, I found out I could go see an advance screening of “that new Justin Timberlake movie”

grace helbig dancing

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I haven’t been to a movie in a while, so I was a little overwhelmed

Should I get snacks?

that's so raven

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And once in the theatre my friend and I magically found seats together

emma stone andrew garfield

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Then the movie starts and I’m like “oh, okay, so it’s about gambling.”

dylan o'brien the internship

(GIF via tumblr)

Yeah…I know. I know.

Wait is that Jean-Ralphio?!

leslie knope parks and rec jean ralphio dance up on me

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That’s Jean-Ralphio!

jean ralphio parks and rec snakehole lounge

(GIF via tumblr)

After the Jean-Ralphio shock wears off, I focus on the important things: Justin Timberlake’s face

and also the story line, but mostly his face

tina fey liz lemon 30 rock

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Finally, Ben Affleck with stubble and charisma shows up on screen

and suddenly he is sharing the screen with Justin Timberlake and I’m just sitting there like

jenna marbles can i get pregnant from this

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It’s actually a serious concern for most of the movie.

The pace is picking up, and things are starting to get exciting.

But it is about gambling, and Ben Affleck has loads of money and Justin Timberlake starts getting tons of money and since Jean-Ralphio was there in beginning all I can think about is

jean-ralphio parks and rec flushed with cash

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Then, there is one all too brief moment where JT is shirtless. For a second.

One glorious, glorious second.

Jennifer Lawrence Silver linings playbook

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But, like all good things in life the moment was all too fleeting.

Seriously it was hard to focus on the actual movie with so many close ups of JT’s face

justin timberlake gif 2020 experience

I do Justin. I really really do.

Ultimately, I would say Runner, Runner is worth a watch

It is relatively clever and is surprisingly funny. Just remember though, you might get too distracted to remember how it ends.

justin timberlake 2020 experience target commercial

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That. That is what I am talking about.

Are you going to see Runner, Runner?

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