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Thanksgiving is one of the best holidays. Why? You’re being thankful for what you have every day, but you take this one day out of the year to eat and drink and excess because you have all these rad things in your life. It’s an excuse to party just for the sake of partying.

You get to see family, have some good, old fashioned bonding time, and get to see your friends from home. Thanksgiving is the one time a year where you can see all your friends that have been away at school since August.

Thanksgiving is also a reminder that Christmas and Hanukkah are coming up. Though there are deeper meanings to these holidays, you know you still love getting showered with presents and having an excuse to sit inside and drink hot chocolate all day.

But, back to Turkey Day. You get to eat all your favorite foods until you physically cannot move and sometimes get a little too wine drunk while enjoying something that compliments the homemade pumpkin pie your mom made.

Here’s a timeline that shows how you feel from going home for Thanksgiving, enjoying the holiday, and all the feelings you have when you get back to school.

You realize that Thanksgiving is coming up, which means going home, and eating lots of homemade food.

Bye, cafeteria food!

bye bye bye(GIF via Tumblr)

But then you realize you won’t be seeing your friends from school for a week.

Loki(GIF via Tumblr)

You get over that feeling once you lie down and get to sleep in your own bed.

sleep(GIF via dormstormer)

Then, you wake up to smell food already being made.

honey boo boo(GIF via

Family starts pouring in, and you’re forced to socialize.

00324272(GIF via womens9)

As everyone’s talking to you, all you can think is FOOD FOOD FOOD SO MUCH FOOD IS GOING TO BE IN ME SOON.


Finally, the moment has come, and you see the most gloriously set table of all time.

pooh(GIF via

You eat and eat, like an unstoppable force. This is the day you were meant to live for.

tumblr_lyd6q0cPm01r3b1tu(GIF via Blogspot)

And your mom is like:

slow down(GIF via blogspot)

But, you don’t.

south park(GIF via reactiongifs)

“Who wants a glass of wine?”

raises-hand(GIF via reactiongifs)

It’s drunk nap time.

post-29188-I-take-a-nap-right-here-gif-2MeF(GIF via

You wake up, hungry again. Eat some leftovers.

nom-gomez(GIF via Smosh)

Finally you see some friends from home for the first time since the summer and get to go out and be hooligans together once again.

Welcome-To-Downtown-Coolsvile-In-Ironman-Gif(GIF via mrwgifs)

A few days later, the time has come to go back to school. Bye comfy bed, bye home, bye friends.

10-goodbye(GIF via CDN)

But then you realize you love school, and are totally ready to be back.

rRon(GIF via Tumblr)

Then, you remember that the holidays are only a month away!

elf(GIF via Tumblr)

What is your favorite part about coming home for Thanksgiving?

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