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Traveling abroad for college is something a lot of students do for a year or a semester. But it’s not very common to find American students heading abroad for a full four years of education, it turns out, however, that’s going to change big time.

According to the Wall Street Journal, many American students are looking to enroll in universities in countries such as Germany, Canada and the United Kingdom due to lower tuition fees. In some cases, American students could go to school abroad for free due to government subsidies. This is how Germany operates. “Suddenly the Old World is becoming a pretty interesting place,” says Allan Goodman,president and chief executive of the Institute of International Education. “Many degree programs have courses taught in English, many of them have very robust scholarships or are tuition-free, and the subjects are very relevant to the world in which we live.”

The Journal found that Britain is the top country of choice when choosing a school abroad, followed by Canada and France. It also found that many of the schools are on par with universities in America, except, again, much more affordable. “It was on par with or better than the schools I was looking at in the States, and it was about half the price,” said Fritz Lodge, who attends school in Scotland.

However, there are some things to take into consideration. For example, while tuition costs may be cheaper, you have to factor in that you will be paying for other expenses, like, well living abroad. Language is also a barrier that needs to be overcome. While your school may teach in English, other places (such as where you’ll find a part-time job), may not.

It’s really all about preference and what degree you’re looking to complete. Going to a community college for example, and taking advantage of a study abroad program there, will help you significantly determine whether living and studying abroad is right for you.

Head over to the Wall Street Journal for more information.

Would you consider going to college abroad?