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Why Is It Always A Good Idea To Go Through The University Accommodation?

university accommodation

There is a lot of planning to do once you know which university you are going to attend. One of the main things under consideration will be your student accommodation. Generally speaking, (but not necessarily), there are several hurdles involved if you fail to avail the university accommodation. It is usually less costly as compared to private accommodation. For those attending university in the UK and specifically London, they may search for accommodation through professional estate agents in London. These agents have the best accommodation available at the best possible rates and facilities.

Let’s have a look at why is it always a good idea to go through the university accommodation.

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Let’s have a look at why is it always a good idea to go through the university accommodation.

Easier Budgeting

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It is meaningful to avail university accommodation as often times the instalments of student loans coincide with the rent. There will be no hassle of all those student loans coming to head over the years after graduation. Hence, in the short as well as the long run the budgeting for accommodation becomes easier. Furthermore, the university accommodation is cost effective and cheaper as compared to other private accommodation options. In fact, you won’t need to sign a straight up 12 month or so contract like if you were opting for private estate accommodation.

Utilities are Included within the Price

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Utilities like laundry, electricity, gas, cleanliness services, and internet are generally included within the price of the university accommodation. So that would mean no horrid surprises in the form of internet bills, or electricity bills outstanding. Often the meals are also covered within the price of the accommodation. This is very useful especially if you are an international student and don’t want the unfamiliarity of the city get to you.

Make sure you clarify and understand the division of the utility expenses within the bill, as sometimes extra money is charged for cleanliness services, and laundry. Internet, however, is mostly included within the price of the accommodation. It’s a good practice to make sure you know what is and what is not included within the price to save you from any surprises later on.

Safer Community

Nowadays there are security issues at almost all places let alone the educational institutions. The university accommodation provides with a community which is integrated and has its own security system in place. Outsiders and visitors are limited to certain timings and allowed only during certain days. Usually the security fee is paid one time at the beginning of the stay and is refundable at the time of discharge.

Contact the university administration to know whether the security costs are added to the accommodation price or do they need to be paid separately. Likewise, the dorms at some universities are equipped with keyless locks. They open via a pin, card, or facial recognition. This added layer of security can rarely be found in private accommodations.

Ease of Conveyance

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Accommodation provided by the university is generally on campus or very near to the campus. In the worst case scenario, the lodging is at least close to a bus route. This implies that the conveyance to campus is very easy via public transport which is very much affordable. Many cities offer student cards with discounts for public transportation which can save your traveling costs considerably.

Similarly, some universities provide emission free transportation in the form of bicycles. These are optional, and a nominal fee is charged for the service. The bicycle is returned to the administration on discharge from the university. Simply put, university accommodation can save you a lot of money on transportation costs, which otherwise can amount to a lot of money if the private accommodation opted is far away from the campus.

Diverse Community and Friendships

University accommodation provides a great means to come across other students who are not on your course. The atmosphere is such that it provides a mini community within the university. You can interact with students from diverse cultural backgrounds, class, race and religions. This can get your intellectual juices flowing when you are exposed to new experiences and information through the diversity that the university halls provide.

Not only this, when you enter into your practical life after graduation, the contacts made during the university life can come in handy in different forms. Students can interact in common areas where they can cook, eat, and socialize together in a very encouraging and reassuring environment.

University Support

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When university provides accommodation, it makes sure that you get all the support you need through the university administration. They have designated roles to different people on different positions which make sure the accommodation is run smoothly. Complaints can be made to the administration on various issues which you deem to be of importance.

Universities take these complaints very seriously. The university is obliged to make sure your issues are heard and resolved there and then. There is a sense of security which comes with the support available from the university.

Differently Abled Students’ Accommodation

Some students are in need of special treatment due to their physical disability which can be in any form. Probably the best thing about the university accommodation is that they are very helpful and willing to assist such students.  The resources are provided to them as per their special needs. There are dorms specially made for them, special walkways, parking spaces, customized bathroom facilities, and much more. Also, conveyance to and from the campus is responsibility of the university. In summation, the differently abled students are looked after for in the best possible way.

Fun Events and Experiences

Often times the universities arrange fun events specifically for students residing in their halls. The university administration understands the pressure that comes with the studies and living far from home. These events happen from time to time to ease the tensions and get the young blood flowing! The on-campus fun and all those late night sittings and laughter accompanying them cannot be matched. The memories linger on for a long time even after you graduate.

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