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We must confess – we here at CampusRiot are obsessed with Grumpy Cat. How can you not love an adorable little creature who looks grumpy all the time? While winter break is the best part of the holiday season (seriously, finals were rough!) These Grumpy Cat Christmas memes seriously made our semester better and are making our holiday season that much brighter. Share these with your family and friends for a good laugh after you open presents (perhaps best enjoyed after a little egg nog…) Happy holidays!

Grumpy Christmas Holidays

Grumpy Christmas Silent Night

Grumpy Christmas Terrible Time

Grumpy Cat Christmas Grandma Reindeer

Grumpy Cat Christmas Put Me Down

Grumpy Christmas Ring Worms Tingling

Grumpy Christmas Grinch

Grumpy Christmas Jingle Hell

Grumpy Cat Christmas Santa

Grumpy Christmas Jingle Hell

Grumpy Cat Christmas Fire

What’s your favorite Grumpy Cat Christmas meme? Share below!