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Grumpy Cat: Every College Student’s Spirit Animal

I take spirit animals very seriously. A spirit animal is some other species that you feel connected to in some way because you both have similar traits or characteristics. And a spirit animal doesn’t have to be an animal, necessarily. After I told a good friend of mine that my spirit animal is a turtle, she told me that her spirit animal is a Chipotle burrito bowl. So yeah, spirit animals can literally be anything as long as you feel some sort of connection with that being/thing.

If you’re not sure what your personal spirit animal is yet, that’s okay. It can take years to discover what you have a spiritual and emotional connection to that you can identify with. But I think as college students, we can all relate to Grumpy Cat. There’s been many times during our college careers that we have channeled the spirit of Grumpy Cat – moments when we have been angry, annoyed, upset, bored, or unamused. There’s a little bit of Grumpy Cat in all of us, and these gifs prove it.

When you need to get shit done and your roommate annoys you endlessly:

Obligatory clapping after other students’ presentations:

How you feel about going to a Halloween-themed party for the third consecutive night:

When your parents tell their friends about your recent college endeavors:

When someone offers you a non-alcoholic beverage at a party:

When you try to sneak out of class and this happens:

When the professor says last minute that the exam is open-book:

When your hookup tries to cuddle the next morning and that is the last thing you wanna do:

When someone says “you look upset.”:

When someone disrespects America:

When your roommate tries to convince you to wear something that ain’t you:

When you have to go in front of class by yourself to give an oral presentation:

People watching from afar and silently judging like:

When you’re forced to be around a super cheery person in class and you are NOT in the mood:

When someone tries taking a picture with you but you’re having a bad hair day:

When your alarm goes off at 7am to start your routine all over again:

What’s your spirit animal?

(gifs via tumblr)

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