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Gabriella Marasco is an SC Campus Representative for Butler University. Read more posts by her here!

It’s a small (4,500 undergrads), private, liberal arts school

Why is this awesome? First, class sizes are small. You get to know to know your classmates and your professor. Professors learn your name and actually get to know you as a person. Also, we do not have TAs (teach assistants), which means any class you take will be taught by a professor with at least a Master’s degree. As a smaller university, Butler can provide an environment where your opinion matters and is always valued.

It’s a community

Butler students are friendly and are always open to meeting new people. Some call it “The Butler Bubble,” whatever. We care about each other. We all know each other. We actually prefer to stay on campus with our friends to enjoy all that Butler has to offer. Our campus is a place where no matter where you are, you can find someone you know and find something fun to do. Butler University continues to provide a fun, safe, and embracing atmosphere for all of us to enjoy.

We work hard and play hard

We are definitely students who put our schoolwork first and make studying and academic success a priority. However, we also reward ourselves for our hard work. Whether that includes fountain hopping, playing campus golf, drinking (for those who are of age of course) or bringing people like B.o.B. for a free outdoor concert, we know how to have fun.

Butler Basketball rocks

We play in the legendary Hinkle Fieldhouse, Dawg Pound student fan section cheering court side. We’re proud of our Cinderella-story team that won over the heart of the nation in 2010 and 2011 with their back-to-back final four appearances.

(photo credit: bradjward via photopin cc)

We pride ourselves on knowing how to balance our time and make the most out of our college career. That is The Butler Way.

What’s your favorite aspect of Butler University?

 Featured photo credit: clarkmaxwell via photopin cc