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As the summer comes closer to an end, and you begin to get ready to head back to school or prepare for your freshman year of college, you are probably wondering what else you need to get for last minute dorm necessities. This week on Haley’s College Dorm Essentials, I will be discussing under bed storage and the importance of that space and its organization.

under bed storage room

image via Dorm Smart

As a freshman, you really don’t have that much room for storage or that much room in general, so you want to take advantage of every inch of it, storing things in the right places, and keeping organized.

You can raise your bed and put your dresser, fridge, laundry bag/basket, and plastic storage bins of some type underneath.

  • If you get bed risers and put your bed on the tallest height that it can go, you can fit a lot underneath.

bedrisers_under bed storage

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  • By putting your dresser underneath, your giving yourself a lot more room in your dorm, but you are also limiting surface area for storage. (Although, you might be fine with that).
  • Getting some sort of shelving or plastic bins or drawers will be a necessity if you run out of drawer space or for clothes you may not need to get to that often.
  • If you use a laundry basket, this is a great place to keep it so that it is out of the way, but still accessible.
  • Behind these objects you can store things like suitcases, bags you don’t use a lot, and other items that are used for rare occasions.
  • A con of having your bed raised is that it may be difficult to get to and therefore not as accessible a place to hang out because you have to climb up and you can’t just hop right on. Or you can get a stool!

If you don’t raise your bed, you can still utilize the under the bed storage.

  • put things you don’t utilize a lot underneath towards the wall and then put storage bins in front
  • You can use bins and plastic drawers
  • Your dresser won’t fit underneath so you can use it as a bedside table, or keep it where it was before, but make a sort of vanity out of it, and utilize the surface area on top for a lamp, picture frames, speakers, printer, etc!
  • It’s easier to get on your bed!

under bed storage

image via Dorm Smart

There are clearly pros and cons to both raising your bed and keeping it low, but either way you can productively use the storage underneath as an place to keep both items you use every day as well as things you need to put away until a rainy day.

What will you do for under the bed storage?

feature image via Decor 2 Ur Door