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This week on Haley’s College Dorm Essentials, I will be discussing the importance of closet organization and the do’s and don’ts to keep your closet organized.


Closet space is where you’ll be storing a lot of your clothes, as well as shoes, accessories and extra junk you may have so you should definitely make the most of how you organize it.

First, let’s discuss hangers. Hangers are more important than you think. I have the worst luck with hangers. Every time I go to a store I manage to knock multiple articles of clothing off of their hangers without even touching them. My freshman year I made the mistake of buying plastic tubular hangers. Why was this a mistake, you ask? Because they are slippery and for clothes that don’t have the best hanging sleeves or those annoying little loops of ribbon, everything kept falling off and onto the floor. They are also somewhat thick and make for less hanging space if you have a lot of clothing. The solution? “Huggable” hangers. These are the thin kind that are finished with a sort of velvet material and have a metal hook. Clothes stick to them really well, they are extremely thin and they are aesthetically pleasing.



Next, shoe storage! Definitely don’t just throw your shoes in the bottom of the closet. This will cause them to turn into a messy pile, separating pairs and making your life difficult when it doesn’t have to be. The solutions are simple. A shoe rack: a metal rack that allows you to have to levels to store your shoes. There is also cloth or hanging shoe storage. You can get ¬†one that goes on the back of your door, or you can get one that hangs from the pole in your closet. Either way, these get your shoes organized into pairs, allowing for more space on the floor of your closet for plastic tubs, drawers, laundry basket or suitcase storage, for example.

Shelving above: Usually there is a shelf or two at the top of the closet. This, I usually use for extra storage and things I don’t need to get to all the time, so I put baskets with those kinds of things up there. Or I stack sweaters and sweatshirts neatly but accessibly on the shelf.

Accessories: There are different types of hangers for different accessories. If you have a lot of scarves, I would recommend getting a scarf hanger to keep them organized. If you have a lot of bets, get a belt hanger. It keeps them all organized and separate and clutter free.

scarfcloset hanger

Keeping your closet organized will make you a much happier, clutter-free and stress-free student!

How will you organize your dorm closet?

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