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Hi! Welcome to another week of Haley’s College Dorm Essentials. A cozy blanket is this week’s feature item. This can’t just be any blanket. And it’s different from the duvet or quilt on your bed.

A cozy blanket is a necessity. Why, you may ask? A cozy blanket, such as a throw for the end of your bed is important to have if you nap, do work, go to a school where it gets cold, go on picnics, like to build forts, make your bed, get hot at night, get cold at night, like to cuddle, have a friend who is cold, need I say more?

Well I am going to anyway.

Having a blanket either at the end of your bed, under your bed, stored somewhere where it is easily accessible, is key to the perfect room. This is because it can add a cute accessory to your room if it matches your bedding. It can also provide extra warmth for you while you sleep if need be, for example, in winter. A throw can be great if you want to take a nap, or if you are cold at your desk because it’s small and portable.

blanket throw bed

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If you go on picnics or even have a slight intention to, i’ts great to have a small blanket to bring along (besides your comforter). If you are watching a movie in the common room of your floor or with friends or in someone else’s room, having a blanket that you can bring with you is essential!

Target has some great ones that are cheap but so so so soft! You can get ones that are both comfortable and add some flare to your room or you can get purely practical that will keep you warm and serve their purpose. Either way, in addition to your duvet, quilt or comforter, you should most definitely bring a blanket to school with you!

Are you going to bring a blanket with you to school?

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