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Hello and welcome to Haley’s College Dorm Essentials! This is the first of a weekly occurring post that will feature one object that I (Haley) feel is essential for my room at school and why. This week I will start off with pillows!

Body Pillow

[image via designyoutrust]

Pillows are important! I have one pillow that I have slept on for pretty much my entire life. It is the perfect soft-firm combination, a place for my head to fit perfectly and it has accompanied me on many trips. It is a normal rectangular pillow (no extreme body pillow like the one pictured above), but it is perfect. But one is not enough for me. I spend a lot of time cozy in bed. Whether doing work late at night, or watching TV with my friends, my bed is a central location as to where I spend my time. Pillows are a key factor in this location. I need enough so that I can comfortably prop up, but not too many so that the pillows take up too much room.

Freshman year I only had two pillows. But now, going into my senior year, I have learned from my mistakes and have taken precautionary measures. I have four regular sleeping pillows, a couple decorative pillows and a body pillow. Sometimes I crave the husband, a pillow that has arm rests and a backrest which is the perfect pillow to sit in and read a book, but I have found that I am okay without it.

The perfect pillow is essential because it can make or break your sleep (which is also essential) and therefore predict you day. Your bed also may not be that comfortable, and therefore it is key to have a pillow that has the right amount of fluff to make up for the comfort your mattress lacks.

Picture yourself coming home after a long day at the library and collapsing onto your bed into a fluffy cloud of pillows…ahhhhh.

Little Mermaid Pillow

[image via giphy]

How many pillows do you sleep with?

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