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Welcome back! This week I would like to talk about the importance of pictures (posters, art, etc) in your dorm room.

So, maybe you’ve never been one to take pictures or you’re not really the nostalgic kind to keep pictures around or bring them with you. But you should. Dorm walls are ugly. They are plain, they make the room seem like a cell, they have paint peeling off (if it’s not brand new) and they’re usually painted an ugly color. So why not cover them up?

On the other hand, if you are a big picture person, try something creative like printing out your favorite Instagrams and taping them on the wall in a shape or stringing them along the wall with clothes pins and a rope.

pictures dorm room rope

Pictures are great because they remind you of home, they remind you of your friends that go to different schools, they can be comforting when you are feeling homesick. And they’re a really easy decoration! All you have to do is print them out (whether it’s on regular printer paper or you pay 5 cents a picture at Target).

They also show others your personality. When you are out of college, sure you can decorate your room however you want, but that usually doesn’t include hanging tons of posters and pictures and silly things that your friends wrote or little crafts you’ve made over the years. College is the one time when you get to put whatever you want up in your room and express your personality.

Posters are also great because they take up a lot of space and can add a lot of personality to your room as well. You can order them online or get them at a local book or craft store. You can have artsy posters or posters about college or movies or whatever tickles your fancy.

picture poster college

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Pictures and posters hanging in your room can spark up a conversation. People will see what your interests are, ask where your friends go to school, ask about your family, etc, and presto, a topic of conversation and a new friend!

My freshman year, my roommate and I covered our walls with pictures, quotes, drawings, notes, and really made the room our own, giving it a combination of both our personalities.

And you don’t have to do pictures. You can hang up wall decor such as decals, or tapestries or even make your own art. Check out Pinterest for tons of ideas.

What will you hang on your dorm room walls?

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