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Welcome back to Haley’s College Dorm Essentials. This week I will tell you about the importance of lighting to change the mood and energy of a dorm room. For me, lighting is definitely an essential part of my room. When I first came to college, my dorm room had this awful fluorescent desk lamp that was screwed into the desk, completely in the way and stopped working after about a month. I immediately got a desk lamp for my bedside and a floor lamp for the other end of the room. You need the right lighting in order to be able to create the right mood in your room. Whether this means one perfect lamp that lights up the whole room, or several lamps dispersed throughout, you should put some thought into the lighting situation in your room. Keep in mind your dorm may not have overhead lighting, or if so, it might be bad. Even if and when you are out of your dorm, you can take these lamps with you to perfect any future rooms you may live in and their lighting sitch.

If you spend a lot of time in your room, have a lot of company, or do your work in your room, the lighting should be just right. It can change your productivity and/or mood. Did you know that lighting can also change the perceived size of a room? The more lighting you have the larger a cramped room can feel, which can help open up space of a cramped dorm room. And lamps don’t have to be expensive! You can also use Christmas lights to add a cool decor factor while also adding more light to the room.

Also consider how much natural light you get from the windows in your room. Natural light is just as important. Not that you have any control over how much natural light you get, but if you do get a lot, don’t always close your blinds because it can really brighten up the room and the mood.

You can change your dorm room with the simple task of putting a few lamps (floor or desk) into the room. Change the energy and the mood by simply turning off the florescent and adding your own flair!

How important is lighting to you?


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