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Welcome to another week of Haley’s college dorm essentials! This week’s feature object is speakers. Any type of sound system is important for giving your room the right atmosphere. I love music, I am constantly on Spotify looking for new songs and making new playlists so I always have music playing. My friends and I are constantly playing music throughout our house and it definitely sets a mood (of a dance party). Having music playing can set a certain tone in the room and create a great atmosphere.

If you have some sort of speaker system, it will create an environment that people can and will want to come hang out in. I use my speakers constantly: when I am getting ready for class, doing work, when people come hang out, cleaning, or getting ready to go out. The ones that I have aren’t fancy or expensive, but they are louder than my computer speakers and fill the room a bit more. With small dorm rooms, the speakers don’t have to be too powerful, they just can make more of a difference a computer speaker. A portable speaker with an auxiliary cable or USB can make plugging in a phone or iPod really accessible, so anyone can change the music or plug their own device in.

alarm speakers

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Music can be a great way to break the ice, fill an awkward silence, or brighten the mood. Freshman year, your dorm has potential to be that much better with a speaker system that could make your room the main hang out place for all your friends. It can allow for and encourage random dance parties to occur.

Speakers don’t have to be huge either, they make portable ones, small ones that can double as an alarm clock, and desk speakers that can hook up to your phone or computer. If you get portable speakers, you can bring them into other people’s rooms, bring them outside on a nice day and easily transport them or travel with them. Speakers are something that people sometimes forget, so if you have them it could be very helpful for everyone else.


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So when you’re packing for school this fall, toss in your cheap target speakers and you won’t be sorry about it!

Are you going to get speakers for you college dorm?

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