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Halloween 2012 is tomorrow, and if you’re celebrating it, the all-important costume is probably on your mind. Photos will be taken. Photos will be posted on Facebook. And believe me, you will be tagged. Upon flipping through said photos from previous years, I’ve noticed a few costume trends that definitely didn’t exist when I was younger.

Halloween isn’t all that scary anymore.

Gone are the days where witches and monsters are the costumes of choice. Though Halloween is supposed to be scary, the last-minute costume no longer consists of throwing a large sheet over yourself and poking two holes for your eyes.  Take this as a creative license to dress up however you like!

Sometimes there isn’t enough costume where costume should be.

But actually. Apparently somebody showed up to a dorm party last year wearing carefully placed duct tape, and not a lot of it. I fail to find anything classy about this. Some things just don’t need to be seen by everybody, you know?

Where did half of your costume go?

As the night goes on, you tend to lose things – your phone, sometimes your wallet…and apparently, your costume. This is funny more than anything else because you can see the night progress as you flip through the photos the next day. One minute you’re a cat, the next minute you’re a cat with one ear, and next thing you know, you’re back to being a college student. Standard.

Regardless of your costume choice, dressing up is definitely in the spirit of Halloween. Just for the record, I’m glad that there are no more ghosts or grizzly bears jumping out of their hiding places to scare me (mainly because I would react that same as I did when I was like, five). Be safe and have fun!

What’s your Halloween costume this year?


Image courtesy of lobo235 via Flickr (CC BY 2.0).